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Why Wilverley?

Here at Wilverley, we have designed our products, with the help of dog professionals, to create high quality, high meat and vegetable content recipes, to provide all the essential elements your dog needs to live a happy, healthy life. 

A complete, grain free dog food, made with human-grade quality freshly prepared ingredients and nothing artificial! Our recipes are based on the natural diet of your canine’s ancestors. We care about what goes into your dog’s food, they deserve to eat good food too and we recognize that this has a direct effect on their health and happiness.
Out with your old, poor-quality dog food, which causes hyperactivity, bowel problems and many other physical and behavioral issues, and in with a delicious balanced meal, naturally sourced ingredients and vet approved gentle formulas, which ensure Wilverley is great for your pooch’s delicate digestive systems and is hypoallergenic for their sensitive skins. Promoting a long, happy and healthy life for your canine companion.
Professional dog walkers, borders and groomers across the UK recommend and supply Wilverley’s dog food ranges to promote improved behaviour, mental health, coat condition and general well-being for our four-legged friends
As well as adult recipes we also produce nutrient-rich puppy food, to aid in the growth of the newest members of your family. Ensuring your pup has everything they need for growing bones and maturing minds.
Wilverley, petfood, better.
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Why Grain Free?

Dogs of all shapes and sizes, from Dachshunds to Great Danes, have evolved as carnivores and thrive on a high meat content diet. All carnivores find it difficult to digest grains. This is because they don’t have the enzyme called amylase in their saliva, which helps with the breakdown of starchy carbohydrates.

We use zero grain in our recipes to create a food that is high in meat, high in quality and which mimics as closely as possible, their natural diet, with the ease and simplicity of a complete dry food. This not only means a satisfied pooch, but also much less waste for their owners to clear up!

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Freshly prepared ingredients

Why Freshly Prepared?

Freshly Prepared is a term used to describe the human grade quality raw and fresh meats used in our dry pet food recipes.

A unique cooking technology trademarked as “Freshtrusion” is used to cook the meats at a low temperature and low pressure.

This unique cooking process means that there is a higher nutrient bio-availability when fed to pets, with a more natural aroma and taste for an enjoyable, healthy and nutritious meal time.

The Freshly Prepared ingredients have other fantastic advantages including digestibility levels above 90% which is a better experience for both the pet and owner alike!!

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