How much food should I be feeding my dog?

It is a bit like saying how long a piece of string is, there is no definite answer to how much food you should be feeding your dog. 

Even though the labels on most dog food packages include feeding guidelines, every dog is different, so you may still need to modify how much and how frequently you feed your dog.

What is a feeding chart?

Did you know a feeding chart is required on dog food packaging throughout the UK? With this in mind, it is always worth it when you change your dog’s food that each feeding chart may have different recommendations and is always worth checking every time you buy a new pack. 

Also most dog feeding charts will talk about the recommended amount for your dog daily, so if your dog has two meal times throughout the day, make sure you take this into consideration too. If a chart has a recommended weight of food of 500g per day and your dog has for example two feeds in one day, make sure you only allow 250g for each feed. 

Here is one of our feeding charts from our most loved product – Chicken Adult Dog Food:

Weight of DogGrams Per Day
1 – 5 kg25 – 90
5 – 10 kg90 – 145
10 – 20 kg145 – 250
20 – 30 kg250 – 340
30 – 40 kg340 -420
40+ kg420+

What can impact how much I feed my dog?

There are many different factors which can impact how much you feed your dog but also what type of food they can have. 

Age: Your dog’s nutritional requirements will change as they develop. Your dog requires puppy food for growth and development if they are still a puppy and senior formulas that keep older dogs active and mentally bright will be beneficial to senior dogs. Determine the right kind of food for your dog by discussing his lifestyle and life stage with your vet if you are unsure. 

Weight: The key to your dog’s health will be maintaining a healthy weight for its breed and size. If you are looking at reducing your dog’s weight then it may be that you lower the calorie intake per day to assist with this. Always discuss changes like this with your vet.

Activity Levels: If your dog is more active than most, such as they accompany you on long runs or hikes, they may require extra calories to meet their daily energy requirements.

How often should I feed my dog?

All dogs benefit from consistent mealtimes. No matter their age, breed or size, having mealtimes at around the same time every day will help with their digestion and their trust in you. So whatever schedule you decide on – make sure you stick to it.

Many vets will recommend that dogs have two mealtimes, splitting the daily food intake into two. As this will not only help with their digestion and weight but also can stop accidents from happening around the house. If you notice your dog’s eating habits change or they start to lose or gain weight, please speak to your vet.

If you are partial to giving your dog a treat now and then a top tip is to make sure that it doesn’t take up any more than 10% of their daily food allowance and factor this into mealtime preparation.