How To Safely Change Your Dog’s Food

Firstly you can relax, you’ve chosen to start feeding your perfect pooch the high-quality dog food they deserve, in reality, that’s the hardest thing to get your head around, so well done!
Sudden changes in a dog’s diet can lead to an upset stomach and may lead you to think that the food doesn’t agree with your dog’s digestive system. Fear not, with a little bit of patience you can change your dog’s life for the better by moving their food onto Wilverley’s deliciously balanced grain-free dog food.
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We recommend a 10-14 day transition period to gradually introduce the new food to your dog’s diet.

If your dog has eaten a variety of brands and styles of food throughout its life, then you may be able to speed this process up at your own discretion. Similarly if your dog has stayed on one particular food for its whole life until now, you may need to stretch this out for a couple more days

Day 1 – 3

Start by adding a small amount of the newly chosen dog food – around one-fifth of their meal – to the original food. During this time you can also use the new food in small doses, as supplementary treats, but be careful not to overfeed.

Day 4 – 7

Over this period you can start adding more gradually each day until half the meal is made up of the new improved dog food.
You can continue to use the new food as supplementary treats. Keep an eye on the amount though!

Day 8 – 10+

You can now start the move towards entirely feeding the new healthy food to your canine companion, without running the risks associated with changing diets suddenly. Don’t be tempted to rush this phase. Your patience will pay off.

Does your dog suffer from digestive problems, sensitive skin or behavioural issues?

Wilverley is a grain-free complete dog food brand for all ages, shapes and sizes. Designed alongside dog professionals and veterinarians, to produce a dog food that improves the happiness, health and wellbeing  of your pooch.

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